Besins healthcare

Over the last 30 years, Besins Healthcare has established a strong and reputable name in the production of innovative drugs for the treatment of gynaecological, fertility and obstetrical conditions as well as androgen deficiency. Besins has become a renowned player in the area of hormonal therapies.

Innovative products from Besins Healthcare are distributed in more than 90 countries via subsidiary companies as well as a network of business partners. Besins is actively pursuing new growth opportunities through acquisition and expansion into new territories, bringing significant growth over the coming years.

Besins Healthcare’s manufacturing plants are based in Montrouge, France and Bangkok, Thailand.

To ensure we meet the needs of tomorrow, Besins Healthcare has two primary research and development facilities across the globe. One of our research facilities is Laboratories Besins International, located in France, the other Besins Healthcare’s global research and development is BHR Pharma, USA, which is an affiliate of Ascend Therapeutics, Inc. Current product developments include Traumatic Brain Injuries, Prostate and Breast Cancer.


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