Sun Protection Range

Louis Widmer has created sun protection for sensitive skin, for every day use as well as for children.

Sun protection is vital, especially in the Middle-East where we are exposed, almost daily, to the sun and it's UV rays.


Extra Sun 50

The combination of high dosage UVA, UVB and broad spectrum filters guarantees a very high level of protection. This non-greasy emulsion, free of mineral oils, is quickly absorbed. Extra Sun Protection 50 protects, moisturises and conditions the skin.

Vitamin E protects the skin against the damage potential of free radicals and reduces premature skin ageing and skin damage caused by UV-rays. It regenerates the skin barrier and stimulates the skin's own repair mechanism.

 Panthenol soothes irritated skin and enhances the skin's moisture retention capacity.

 Ectoin is a low molecular weight, cyclic amino acid derivative. It is used as DNA protection biocell protection. Ectoin fortifies the skin's immune system, thus protecting against skin ageing caused by the sun. It reduces the formation of sunburn cells and binds and increases skin moisture even under extreme conditions.


All Day 30

Owing to highly sophisticated liposomal technology it has been possible to incorporate UVA- and UVB-filters into the monolayer nanoparts. These liposomes penetrate deep into the corneous layer and therefore provide long-lasting protection against UV-rays, even after regular water contact. The high concentration of monolayer liposomes provides a homogeneous diffusion of the UV-filters in the corneous layer. In addition, the gel-base contains UVA- and UVB-filters.

All Day moisturise and condition the skin. They are well tolerated even by very sensitive skin. Panthenol enhances the skin's moisture retention capacity and has a normalising effect. Vitamin E neutralises the damage of free radicals and stimulates the skins own repair-mechanisms.


Sun Kids 25

This protection cream 25, especially developed for children, contains exclusively mineral pigments. These protect against UVA- and UVB-rays. They stay on the surface of the skin and are effective by reflection of UV-rays.

Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals and reduces skin damage caused by UV-rays. It stimulates the skin's own repair mechanism. Panthenol keeps the skin moisturized and soothes irritated skin.

Kids Skin Protection Cream is water and perspiration resistant. It neither contains chemical sun filters nor perfume or colouring agents. It is therefore recommended not only for children, but also for very sensitive skin.


After Sun Lotion

The After Sun lotion is formulated for all skin types. Biostimulines, containing amino acids, as well as allantoin have a moisturising effect on the horny layer. Vitamin E neutralises the damage of free radicals. Panthenol and aloe vera moisturise and soothe irritated skin. Vitamin A promotes blood circulation and normalises keratinisation. Natural oils in a high dosage make even dehydrated skin supple, soft and resilient.

Sun Protection for the Entire Family

  • Extra Sun 50
  • All Day 30
  • All Day 20
  • Sun Kids 25
  • After Sun

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