Body Care Range

Shower Gel

Shower Gel cleanses the skin thoroughly yet very gentIy without irritating. Strong surface-active agents in ordinary shower gels often cause irritation, and dry skin becomes flaky and sore. The Louis Widmer Shower Gel contains a combination of extra-mild, very well-tolerated surface-active tensides which cleanse the skin thoroughly yet gently. Plant-based, non-comedogenic refattening substances prevent dehydration of the The pH corresponds to that of the skin.
The Shower Gel is also suitable for very sensitive skin of children and infants.


Hand Cream

Hand Cream regenerates the skin of the hands. The non-irritating W/O emulsion allows the active ingredients to penetrate to the germinative layer and the connective tissue, where they have an anabolic and moisturising effect.

The vitamins stimulate the skin functions, check inflammation and delay premature keratinisation of the epidermis. Carbamide, in increased dosage, keeps the skin moisturised. Lactic acid restores the acid mantle of the skin which is often adversely affected by external factors (household detergents, housework, gardening, etc.). Natural argan oil protects, cares for and nourishes the skin.

Body Care Products

  • Shower Gel
  • Hand Cream

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