Inversion Femme

A complete nutritional supplement for skin, hair, nails and figure.


InversionFemme is a food supplement which, thanks to its 16 active ingredients help improve the effects of time on the skin (wrinkles and dryness), the hair (thinning), the nails (appearance and brittleness) and has an extra benefit for slimming the figure (thermogenesis).


InversionFemme was developed for women from the age of 20 (except during pregnancy) and has simple and easy instructions:

* 2 red capsules to be taken in the morning (with breakfast)
* 1 silver capsule to be taken in the evening

Inversion Femme has undergone serious human studies in 2004 at the Department of Pharmacology, University V. Segalen / Bordeaux (France).
Inversion Femme contains no less than 16 natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and vegetable and other extracts.

2 Capsules

2 red capsules to be taken in the morning, 1 Silver capsule in the evening.

This provides the right dose at the right time of day.There are no drug interactions between vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Seperationg of Vitamin C and Iron, Zinc and Copper.

  • Red Capsules
  • Silver Capsule

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