Louis Widmer

By 1960, Louis-Edouard Widmer and his son Louis-Max Widmer had already acquired extensive knowledge and experience of the international cosmetics business through their previous work. They were successful – yet something was missing. Over the years, they began to develop a vision and soon became convinced of one thing. They would only be able to make that vision a reality by setting up their own company. In 1960 it was time to act. With the founding of Louis Widmer + Co in Uitikon near Zurich, the foundation stone for today’s Louis Widmer SA was laid.

Their shared vision was initially to develop a product line incorporating the latest scientific findings in the field of dermatology about healthy and unhealthy skin that also took account of the aging process. Through their company, the father and son team wanted to bring effective products to the market that “serve their purpose perfectly and are extremely well tolerated”.

Living for the skin

They were very well aware that it would not be easy to keep applying the latest findings about skin, skincare, nutrition, protection and healing into new and improved products. But they vowed to devote all their efforts towards realising this vision. Their motto was: “Living for the skin”. But why dedicate a life’s work to the skin? Louis Widmer was fascinated by the unique complexity of the largest human organ and the many essential functions it performs. The skin protects the body not only from mechanical, chemical and thermal effects and damage, but also from many germs. It acts as a temperature regulator and is important for maintaining water balance. It is a sensory organ for love, tenderness, pain, pressure and temperature. Moreover, when our cheeks blush, our pallor drops or our hair stands on end, it also acts as a communication medium and is very important in aesthetic terms to the way we appear to others